Cake of the month – April 2014

It’s approaching the end of May; let’s face it, it’s nearly June; and here we are with April’s cake of the month.  Hey ho.

We picked this cake for it’s beautiful simplicity. It’s pretty, pink… perfect! And we love that baker Jen wants to share some of the happiness she had as a child with other children in Hackney.

FCFK - tiny butterfliesName of baker: Jen Shepherd.

Name of cake: Princess Perfect.

Ingredients: Fairtrade granulated sugar, Fairtrade icing sugar, baking powder, self raising flower, eggs, butter, semi skimmed milk, organic strawberry jam, double cream, pink food colouring and sugar butterflies.

Method: Nothing special – I just followed a Mary Berry recipe plus a little patience and use of my learning from our great cake decorating class last Christmas to perfect the butter icing.

About the baker: I chose to volunteer with FCFK Hackney because I was incredibly lucky as a child to have a very happy upbringing and everything I needed, I had. I was so fortunate to have been surrounded by amazing parents, siblings, friends and family friends and if I can just pass a little bit of that on and repeat my experiences for others, I am very happy to do so. I also work for Fairtrade and work on the sugar category, where baking is starting to look very interesting for us. All Tate & Lyle products are Fairtrade and if by any way we can further our message of fairly traded goods and support the Global South that would be great also. We also do loads of work with children in schools.

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