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Free Cakes for Kids Hackney is entirely run by volunteers but it is not free to run.  Some of our expenses include baking ingredients, supporting volunteers and offering training, purchasing insurance, food safety hygiene courses, hosting a website, and travel expenses.

We are a not-for-profit organisation. All money raised goes directly to our prime concern – providing free birthday cakes to children who would otherwise miss out.

Any financial support (however small) is gratefully received.

With your donation we can build Free Cakes For Kids Hackney into a bigger and better service that is able to benefit more children and their families within our community.

Your donation not only makes a child feel incredibly special, it also alleviates the pressure and stress felt by some families who are sadly unable to give their child a birthday cake.

So next time you celebrate a birthday for yourself, a friend or a family member, please spare a thought for a child in your community who may miss out on such a small but significant part of their special day.

£5 – Enables us to provide two homemade birthday cakes for children in Hackney

£20 – Allows us to promote our service and reach more families in need

£50 – Contributes to our running costs without which we could not function

Donate to local charities at

Are you a local Business that can help?

We are looking for local sponsors. If you are a business in Hackney who would like to become a sponsor please contact us, we would love to hear from you. What may be a small donation to you will be of huge significance to us!

Contact us

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