THIS is why a birthday cake is important

If you’ve ever doubted the power of cake, or wondered what having a cake (or rather, NOT having a cake) means to a child on their birthday, then the following feedback from a couple of our referrers will leave you doubting or wondering no more. Warning: you might need a tissue to hand.

“I’d like to thank your wonderful team. The cakes that were delivered here were absolutely great. The kids were absolutely amazed at their individual cakes and their mum reported that they had a wonderful belated party. Thank you once again for putting a brilliant smile, filled with laughter, on these children’s faces, and in their lives.”

“Thank you for the beautiful cake; the family were amazed and very excited. Mum reported that [her son] sat in front of his cake most of the afternoon singing ‘happy birthday’ and that they all celebrated his birthday, as a family. They cannot thank your team enough.”

One of our bakers recently described volunteering for FCFK Hackney as being a bit like a “birthday fairy” – the children she bakes for don’t know her and she doesn’t know them yet somehow she can bring smiles to their lives by magicking a cake to them on their birthday. This is so true, and, actually, the anonymity of our service is what appeals to many of our bakers, but hearing – not just hoping – that a certain cake made a certain child happy is important too.

We are currently working on a way to bring a greater level of feedback to our bakers, whilst still, importantly, keeping our service confidential. This should hopefully mean that we will also be able to share more of the reasons behind why we do what we do here on the website. Until that point, never underestimate the power of love cake (not that we’re suggesting for a minute that love isn’t important too; it is, but … hello chocolate icing).

We hear ya


A little while back we sent out a survey to all our bakers asking for some feedback on a few key areas. We got a fantastic response which will really help us to improve the service we offer and to shape the way we do things in the future.

It was absolutely lovely hearing the reasons bakers gave for why they bake and what inspires them to be part of the little bit of magic that is FCFK Hackney. What we do wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for those who selflessly donate their time, skills and ingredients to create inventive, tasty, awesome cakes and drop them off for kids who they don’t know and will probably never meet. It’s nice to know it means as much to our bakers as our bakers mean to us.

A few bakers were keen to learn more about the “story” behind the cakes. FCFK Hackney endeavours to protect the identity of the children and families we provide cakes for so, for obvious reasons, we can’t share too much information when requests come in. However, we do have a strict referral process, and work closely with organisations like Family Action and local children’s centres, to ensure that cakes reach those children who have genuine cases of need. We will be updating the information on our website to reflect this for people who are interested about how the process works, but, trust us, we don’t give out cakes willy nilly.

Top of the tops in the feedback we received was that our bakers want more socials, and maybe a cake decorating course. We’re combining those two requests for a special Christmas social/icing masterclass. Don’t say we never give you anything, bakers!

Seriously though, if you’re one of our bakers, thank you for the feedback. And, also, just thank you – we don’t say it enough.