Who’s your money on?

Its the quarter finals, peeps!  What do you mean, “Of what?”?  Great British Bake Off of course!  Don’t pretend you don’t watch.  Admit it!  You’re glued to your gogglebox like we are!

So now we’ve all established that we’re avid fans, who’s your money on?  Is it fancy Frances with all her clever ideas?  The somewhat self-doubting Ruby?  Or maybe older and wiser Christine?  From one baker to another – share your innermost thoughts!

Meanwhile, at FCFK Hackney HQ we’re brewing up a few highlights of our own, including workshops and an awesome Christmas social with icing masterclass thrown in (put Sunday 24th November in your diaries – do it, do it now!).  And of course the cake requests keep pouring in and our super bakers keep coming up with the goods.  Check our cake counter for the latest tally of cakes that have made kids in Hackney happy.

We’ll leave you with a picture of lovely Mary and old blue eyes himself. Sorry, we couldn’t stop ourselves…!


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