Cake of the Month – October 2012


Name of baker: Anna Brewster

Name of cake: Transformers Cake


Sponge – egg, flour, butter, sugar

Strawberry jam

Icing – bought coloured icing


Two large rectangle sponge cakes. One sponge for the base, covered with jam and then white rolled icing. Second sponge cut into smaller rectangles to form the robot arms, legs, torso and head. Each covered with jam and then rolled coloured icing, red and blue. Grey icing formed by moulding white and black icing together for the panels on the torso. Legs and face. Silver balls for eyes, then black tube icing for the detail.

About the baker:

I’m 28, work for the Guardian newspaper, and I’ve lived in London for five years or so. I only recently moved to the Hackney area but it already feels like it’s always been my home. As for why I chose FCFK – I love baking, basically! A friend told me about FCFK and it sounded like a great opportunity to be able to bake for purpose (other than just eating it all myself…) I love being able to contribute to my local community and help make a kid’s birthday a little brighter.

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