Do us a favour. Yes, another one. Pleeease!

Us lot, we’re always asking for favours, aren’t we?  If we don’t want you to bake something for us then we want you to come to some event we’ve organised, or to donate to us, or sponsor us.  We know.  We ask a LOT.  And here we are asking you for a favour once again, sorry, but it’s an easy one, we promise.

We’ve applied for some funding through Skipton Building Society’s Grassroots Giving programme to enable us to put on more of the awesome family baking workshops we ran at the end of last year and the beginning of this year.  We’ve been shortlisted – woo hoo!  But whether we get the money now depends on how many people vote for us.  Yep, this is where you come in…

Pretty please with a cherry on top could you:

1. Click this link:

2. Scroll to the bottom.

3. Enter your email address.

4. Encourage as many of your friends; relatives; acquaintances; work colleagues; hell, even the person sitting next to you on the tube if you’re there long enough, to do the same.

It only takes a couple of seconds (unless you’ve got some ridiculously long email address), then your job is done.  Favour over.  You can carry on watching telly, picking your nose, for all we care, but you will be safe in the knowledge that you’ve taken us one click closer to getting some really valuable funding.

What are you waiting for?  Click and vote, people, click and vote!

And if you need any further encouragement as to why you should click and vote, here are some beautiful pictures and comments from the workshops we’ve already held.  If these aren’t worth you entering your email address then we don’t know what is.

“I love cooking but don’t have the equipment so thank you for giving me all the things I need to bake with my children at home.”

“Doing the workshop helped me interact with my children more. I would usually go home and let them watch television but the workshop gave us time together.”

“I’d never baked with my children before the workshop but we’ve already used the kit to make the muffins again. It’s a new family activity for us.”

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