Sundays at the Russet

The last two Sundays we’ve been hanging out at the Russet.

A week ago we had a committee meeting there, brainstorming over bacon sandwiches (we have so many ideas, events and happenings going on that we barely know where to start telling you about them all), and today we were there to be part of the Hackney Food Partnership launch.

HFPLogo2The idea of the Food Partnership is to not only celebrate and promote all the good things about Hackney’s food culture, but also to forge a more sustainable way with food and a reduction in food waste. You can’t argue with that.

It was great to be in a room full of supportive people, each with their own projects and ideas related to food, all working towards making Hackney great, or perhaps greater as it’s already pretty great in our eyes. And we’ll admit that it was also great to receive a boost for what we do.

Right now we are in the fortunate position that we can take on more referrals. We are in the process of simplifying our referrals process, as well as incorporating the option for organisations to do multiple referrals at once in order to cut down on their time and paperwork. To be part of a Hackney food family who would hopefully promote our service so that we can bake more cakes for local kids who wouldn’t otherwise receive them would be pretty special.

If you like the sound of the Partnership and want to get involved email And please do keep plugging our service to Hackney schools, children’s centres or anyone working with children locally who might be missing out on birthday cakes. We know we ask a lot of you but we’re always happy to return the favour any way we can.

Here’s to a greater Hackney.

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