Cake of the month – October 2013

Whaaat? We’re halfway through November already? How did that happen? Well, they do say, better late than never, so here’s October’s cake of the month – pretty awesome, I’m sure you’ll agree…


Name of baker:
Olivia Piepe

Name of cake:
Train to Hackney

Basic Victoria sponge recipe; flour, butter, eggs and sugar. In addition, blue food dye, rolling icing, nutella and dolly mixture, sprinkles.

I created the base cake first from two Victoria sponges with nutella spread in between. I rolled the ready-made icing and attached it to the top of the cake, and trimmed off the sides. I used a cake mould to create the train set, and added the food dye to include come colour. When the train set was cold, I placed them on the top of the base cake and added dolly mixtures to one piece.

About the baker:
It’s always good to give back and if, like me, you are lucky enough eat lovely cakes regularly then what better way to do so than cake related volunteering. 
As a child I remember the cake at my birthday parties so vividly; pink turrets on a princess castle stands out as a particular work of art. However, there are some children whose parents can’t afford to buy the ingredients to make them a birthday cake, or do not have the cooking resources needed to do so. Hackney has been gentrified in the last few years but there are still a lot of poverty stricken people that have children to care for.  Free Cakes for Kids is a fantastic charity that really helps these people and that I’m thrilled to have found.

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