What goes around comes around

If we sat down to write a post about all the other worthwhile organisations in Hackney that deserve a mention then we’d be here all day, or several days more likely. So we won’t do that. Not now at least.

We did want to highlight one local initiative though. Why? Well because it needs a little help right now, and because it’s awesome, and it serves cake to boot! We’re talking about NANA. Do you know it? If you don’t, you should!


NANA is a comfort food cafe run by some amazing older women in the Hackney community. They serve soup, fishfinger sandwiches, bottomless pots of tea and cake of course, all at reasonable prices. What makes it awesome is that the “nanas” come and pass the time of day with you, share their pearls of wisdom, and even give your baby a cuddle while you have a sip of your tea when it’s still warm (luxury, we tell you, luxury!).

Anyway, NANA needs a new home. They were temporarily in the Elderfield pub but they’ve now found a permanent home in a disused public toilet (have faith!) off Chatsworth Road in Clapton and just need a small injection of cash to make it happen. Which is where you might come in…

If you have a couple of quid you might like to put their way in return for a cup of tea in their new premises then we’re sure they’d be delighted to receive it. The last time we checked they still needed to raise over £6,000 and there’s just nine days and counting to do it in. Please take a look.

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