Our wish has been granted


As FCFK Hackney goes from strength to strength, our ability to have a wider impact on our local area is being recognised – recently most notably by Hackney Council who have awarded us a grant for a whopping £1,000. The money has to be used specifically to deliver an event for our volunteers and two cooking workshops. These are still very much in the planning stages at the moment, but we are hoping to host an interactive volunteer event in October and the workshops after that.

Our committee is meeting today (a Sunday – just call us dedicated!) and the organisation of these events will be high on the agenda but we always welcome feedback and ideas of how best to use our skills, time, money and baking power so please do get in touch if you feel there’s something we could be doing that we’re not. We’ve already had some great feedback from our bakers so expect some exciting projects to come out of FCFK Hackney HQ in the not-too-distant future

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