Now That’s What We Call a Cake Sale!

Right now, we could not be happier.  Our cake and cook book sale on Sunday can only be described as a rip roaring success.  We raised not one hundred, not two hundred, not even three hundred … in fact forget the hundreds, we raised ONE THOUSAND POUNDS!  We are gobsmacked!

It would not have been possible without the extreme generosity of Debora and Sean, who opened up their gorgeous house and garden to us, donated a table load of the latest cook books and made enough tea and coffee to wash down the mountains of stunningly delicious cake that was made for the day.  Beetroot cake; brownies; banana loaf; lemon and blueberry gateau; good old vicky sponge – you name it, we had it (until the hoards came and ate it, that is!).

If you came and donated we’d like to thank you (and if you baked us cake and gave us cook books to sell then you are also great).  We say it so many times: yes, we are kept going by volunteer bakers who donate their time, ingredients and cake making skills for free, but our organisation is not free to run.  This money will mean that FCFK Hackney can get bigger and better and set the world on fire… or maybe just make a few more birthdays special for a few more local kids, but that’s just as good.

And if you weren’t there, you missed a certain Richard Arnold of GMTV fame walk off with one of our brand new FCFK Hackney tote bags on his arm.  Trendsetters, us?!  Watch this space and soon you might be able to get your mits on a bag too.

Thanks all.  You made our day, week, and month! x

Book_Sale_2013_01 Book_Sale_2013_02 Book_Sale_2013_03 Book_Sale_2013_04 Book_Sale_2013_05 Book_Sale_2013_06 Book_Sale_2013_07 Book_Sale_2013_08 Book_Sale_2013_09 Book_Sale_2013_10 Book_Sale_2013_11 Book_Sale_2013_12

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