Tell your mum, tell your mates, tell the world… we’re in the Telegraph

It all started with a My Little Pony cake. It was a pretty spectacular My Little Pony cake it has to be said. A My Little Pony Cake of dreams, made for a besotted Hackney birthday girl back in November by our baker Jennie.

Clouds on the outside; rainbow on the inside; bedecked with said pony (“Rainbow Dash” for those of you who know your cartoon nags): it was a cake which, by the power of the Twittersphere, turned a few heads.

One of those heads belongs to Leah Hyslop, an online editor at the Telegraph who, it turns out, had dabbled in a bit of My Little Pony appreciation in her younger days and, though her tastes have matured considerably, later confided to us that she’d be happy with a cake as beautiful as that one on any of her adult birthdays. Who wouldn’t?

Fortunately, Leah doesn’t just have good taste in cakes. She’s lovely (which always helps), and she was happy to have a chat with us over a nice cup of tea with a view to writing a piece about what we do for the Telegraph. The result of that chat and a couple of interviews with two of our bakers (thank you Anna and Shell) have now been transformed into the essence of us. Truly. If we wrote for the Telegraph we would have written what Leah wrote. But we don’t, of course (in our dreams!), so instead we’ll just point you in the direction of a bloody brilliant article… which just so happens to be about us! Thank you Leah, and not forgetting My Little Pony.

FCFK - Telegraph article

Media darlings

FCFK - Time OutWe are not ones to blow our own trumpet (apart from that time we were in the Guardian, and, then we were all like, “hello, hello, you, yes we know you don’t know us but WE’RE IN THE GUARDIAN!  What do mean you aren’t interested?  It’s the Guardian, the GUARDIAN, we’re IN the GUARDIAN, hello!”).

Buuut, quite frankly, it’s nice when something nice gets written about us.  Who doesn’t like a bit of positive publicity?  Not us.  So we’d like to draw your attention to a few pieces that have hit the media recently…

East London Lines wrote a lovely piece that really captured what we’re about and why we do what we do.

None other than Time Out, and then Metro, tipped our “CAKE EVENT” (a write up on which will follow soon, we promise!) as THE place to be in the whole of the Capital on that particular sunny Sunday in April.

FCFK - metroAnd as if that wasn’t all exciting enough, the Hackney Citizen wrote an awesome article about MasterChef 2013 winner Natalie Coleman becoming our patron (yes, we know, we’ve got some serious catching up to do on this here website!).

Click the links; take a read; and see what you think.

We’re happy to sign our autograph for you now that we’re F A M O U S 😉