Cake of the month – July 2014

Time and time again we are blown away by our bakers’ creativity. This cake is no exception. We bloody love the fact that Kelly didn’t give up on her mission to create an ingenious “smash cake” even though the heat was against her and she could have easily *just* presented us with a sandwich cake.

Making your own chocolate domes? Why not! That’s nothing for a baker who has made a W E D D I N G cake – eek! (We couldn’t resist including a picture of the wedding cake Kelly made too … scroll to the bottom to see it as well as her beautiful reasons for volunteering for us.)

FCFK - smash cake
Name of baker: Kelly Davis

Name of cake: Piñata cake

A home-made chocolate-orange marble cake; chocolate icing; vegetarian sweets; milk chocolate; chocolate buttons; hundreds & thousands; a toy mallet; and a chocolate mould (see details below).


I saw piñata cakes on the internet and thought they looked like something a child would enjoy. You get a delicious birthday cake but you also get to smash it up. What’s not to love? I predict that these cakes will become a bit of a craze.

The biggest mistake I made was attempting to make a giant chocolate dome to cover the entire cake – and attempting to make it on the hottest day of the year. Using a balloon as a mould, I tried to make a big dome but it just wouldn’t cool down enough for the chocolate to harden. Putting it in the fridge didn’t help because as soon as I took it out again it started to collapse. I compromised by using large silicone muffin pans as moulds. I covered them in thick layers of melted milk chocolate and froze them solid. It worked! After unmoulding the chocolate I laid the domes over little mounds of sweets and then decorated both the cake and the chocolate domes.

The birthday child then gets to smash the chocolate domes with the little mallet to discover the sweets inside. In the winter I will try a whole-cake dome again. Fingers crossed I’ll have a bit more success!

FCFK - wedding cake
About the baker:

This is my twelfth cake for Free Cakes for Kids Hackney. I do lots of volunteering in Hackney but this is special. I get an opportunity to make cakes and try out new techniques and ideas – and the cake goes to someone who really needs it.

If it weren’t for FCFK Hackney I wouldn’t have got to try my hand at princess cakes, football cakes, Spiderman cakes – and of course this piñata cake. If I could make a cake every week I would!

I feel lots of excitement when the cake turns out alright and it’s ready to be delivered. I like that I get to remain anonymous – like some sort of birthday fairy!

A cake to make you weak at the knees

If you’ve got zero will power (like us!) then I suggest you look away now.


Click away from this page. Go and Google images of celery or something healthy instead. Just, whatever you do, don’t go on reading about the most amazingly chocolaty, gooey, moist, cake, adorned with ball after ball of Malteser goodness.

Too late? Oops. Ok, take a look at this and if you can then override the jungle drum call of a packet of Maltesers you are superhuman and we take our hats off to you. We’re already weighing out the cocoa powder (but may have to go and buy more Maltesers as they seem to have, um, disappeared!).

FCFK - Malteser cake 2

This recipe was taken from the December edition of Olive magazine. We ate almost a whole one of these cakes at a little gathering the FCFK Hackney committee had. We feel we are well placed therefore to say that it is gooorrrgeous. Forget the Christmas pudding – go and make yourself one of these instead!

Chocolate Chiffon Maltesers Cake


For the cake –
6 eggs separated
1/2 tsp cream of tartar
60g cocoa
260g plain flour
360g caster sugar
1.5 tsp bicarbonate
1 tsp salt
125ml veg oil
2 tsp vanilla extract

For the buttercream –
500g slightly salted butter
200g icing sugar
50g drinking chocolate
2-3 tbsp milk
5x135g Maltesers

Line the bottom and sides of a 23cm (at least 10cm deep) cake tin with baking paper.
Heat oven to 180c/160fan/gas 4.
Beat egg whites and cream of tartar until stiff.
Put the remaining cake ingredients into a separate bowl with 190ml of water and blend to a rich thick chocolate mix.
Fold in the egg whites – do not beat.
When the mixture has no more white streaks pour into tin. Bake for approx 1 hour. When it is ready it will feel spongy with a soft crust on top.
Cool in tin for 10mins then remove and peel off paper.
Put the cake on a cake board. Put the buttercream ingredients in a large bowl and beat until soft and creamy.
Ice cake in an even later starting at the bottom of the cake until all is covered.
Starting at the bottom again push the maltesers one by one into the icing – work your way up in circles until you have reached the middle of the cake.